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Cập nhật: 22/03/2017
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  1. Effectiveness:
    This document is valid for any and/or the whole at-site painting work with fire resistant paint .
  2. Material surface preparation
    1. Material surface to be cleaned with clean water from any dust and/or contaminates.
    2. Material surface must be completely clean of oil.
    3. Any damaged surface area of more than 1 dm2 must be cleaned of existing paint layers before applying fire resistant paint.
    4. The undamaged surrounding paint layers must be scratched at edges to ensure its binding with new paints to be spotted in.
    5. All dust and contaminates on the surface of all damaged and surrounding undamaged areas must be completely removed. 
    6. Touching the cleaned surface should be restricted to avoid contaminating the clean surface
    7. Việc chuẩn bị bề mặt nên được thực hiện trên một diện tích vừa đủ để tiến hành sơn dặm vá ngay trước khi bị oxy hóa trở lại. Nhiệt độ bề mặt phải được giữ tối thiểu 30C trên nhiệt độ điểm sương.
    8. Cleaned area must be large enough for spotting before it is re-oxidized and its temperature must be at minimum 30C above the dew-point
    9. If damaged area is not deep down to the steel surface: just scratch the damaged paints and spot in new paint layers, depending on damage rate.
  3. Painting requirements
  4. Using spray gun with compressed air , roller or brush
  5. Paint liquid must be mixed correctly and carefully.
  6. Painting procedure for fire resistant paint 3P applied.
  7. New spotted paint must overlap at least 50mm onto the edges of surrounding undamaged painted areas.
  8. Wait for at least 01 hour before applying next paint layer.
    • REFERENCE: Standard TCVN 334-2005

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